The role of personality in design

Zeba Dalal
4 min readMar 11, 2021


The Art of making Artwork Impactful

Graphic designing is no longer confined to being an eye-pleasing business. With the remarkable rise of competitors in recent years, it has taken a revolutionary turn. The motive of designers today is not to create an attractive site or walk on the conventional norms of graphic designing, but to create a distinct and individualistic space for their designs in the crowded field. One of the prominent ways of doing so is by introducing one’s personality in design. The main question here is not what a viewer needs but what he craves. When a designer carves out his work according to his unique character and makes it more expressive, the results are more likely to stand out from what is already present in the market. Whether you are building a brand or advertising, creating a design that is exclusive of your traits is very crucial. That’s how you invite the attention of those who are looking for freshness and create a distinctive space for yourself among the lot.

By ingraining personality in design, you are laying a ground for people to bond with you. Your artwork is not just a computerized work but is a reflection of your ideas behind the creation, and believe it or not, it can influence the audience in unimaginable ways. For some, a design induced with a tinge of the creator’s thoughts and emotions could seem to be more authentic and believable and hence easier to connect with. Isn’t that what you wish for- resonating with your audience!

How adding a touch of your personality in designing helps:

Creating a long-term impact

When a viewer looks at a design that is easy to understand and connect with, the positive impression gets inscribed in his mind. Now whenever he searches for something similar in the future, you are going to be one of the top choices. Why? Because your design has left an unforgettable impact on him due to its unique and original character. It’s your emotions and ideas behind the work that has communicated with him and helped in cultivating a long-term bond.

Connecting with an audience

The desires of an audience are ever-changing. You, being a member of society know these changes and the reasons behind them. Use this information in your design and bring the necessary shifts to allow more and more people to connect with it. What if the changes vary a little too much from the traditional ways? Well, that might be the “x-factor” everyone is looking for. Do not fear using emotions as a tool. A story-tellers approach might contribute to facilitating congruency between your website’s and audience’s attitude.

Introducing freshness and innovation

You can make your design catch the eyes of the viewer by installing “never-seen-before” elements. Play with images and colors. Dare to take up styles that no one else would. Make way for your unique quirk to get transmitted to the viewer efficiently.

Increasing understanding

When you use personality in design, the audience does not restrict themselves to looking at the subject matter only but tries to relate with the idea behind it. This way, it becomes easier for the designer to express his thoughts and interact with the consumer directly. The audience too is allowed to analyze your work more closely and understand your thought process behind it.

Standing out

Lastly, every design and every approach is different. The two most similar-looking works might have used polar-opposite thoughts and approaches. All you need to do is — put your ideas into real designs. Raw ideas when put efficiently and neatly to work, can entice a great audience and build you a solid viewer base.

In conclusion

Making a strong impact on viewers is not as difficult as you might think. Though the internet is filled with competitors in every field, creativity and innovation always will have space. Analyze your competitors who have managed to make it big with their uniqueness thoroughly and pursue the measures that make you different. Just add your dash of personality and you are good to go!



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