“Listen to understand, not respond.”

Sympathy vs. Empathy in UX — Zeba Dalal
Sympathy vs. Empathy in UX — Zeba Dalal
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User experience (UX) in simple words, is the interaction a person has with the products and services of a company. Often confused with User Interface (UI), UX is a much wider concept. The overall experience of a user doesn’t only depend on the interface but it is one of the subsets of UX.

However, we aren’t here to elucidate on these two terms.

Empathy is frequently confused by designers with sympathy. Since a user’s experience chiefly depends upon the designer’s understanding of his needs, these two terms hold great significance in the industry. But what are Sympathy and Empathy? How…

Design is a powerful tool for communication and design thinking is an extension of the approach that designers adapt while finding ways to express and resolve a problem. Design thinking is result-oriented and is therefore based on continuous improvement. Design thinkers are always looking for ways to improve on the current design approach and this is where an iterative design process comes in handy.

What is design iteration?

When it comes to design thinking, storytelling through visual communication is the key to successful communication.

a book opening up to a number of story elements
a book opening up to a number of story elements

Images are a powerful means to communicate with a person. Ancient man developed symbols as a way to express his thoughts and feelings and they are still regarded as the first established mode of communication among primitive humans. Visuals have such a deep and long-lasting impact on the human mind, the reason why kids are subjected to books with plenty of brightly colored images.

When it comes to design thinking, storytelling through visual communication is the key to successful communication. The images used in any kind of storytelling are intended for an immersive user experience. …

If a picture is worth a thousand words, a prototype is worth a thousand meetings.

What is Design Thinking?

Design thinking is an element of a design methodology that is concerned with adopting creative solutions to solve complex real-life problems. The approach is more human-centric and allows designers to analyze, develop, create, and improve on ideas as they walk through various stages of the design process. It is concerned with the emotions of people and how certain actions will result in specific directions.

Automation may have made run-of-the-mill work easier and less redundant but what differentiates an automated approach from a creative approach is the lack of human element. You may crunch as many numbers and data in the…

The Art of making Artwork Impactful

Graphic designing is no longer confined to being an eye-pleasing business. With the remarkable rise of competitors in recent years, it has taken a revolutionary turn. The motive of designers today is not to create an attractive site or walk on the conventional norms of graphic designing, but to create a distinct and individualistic space for their designs in the crowded field. One of the prominent ways of doing so is by introducing one’s personality in design. The main question here is not what a viewer needs but what he craves. When a designer…

Gone are the days when flashy and bright things used to catch the eyes of the people. Larger than life themes and flashy presentation was the trend and had been for quite some time. This extravagant and bright presentation is one of the defining traits of the past decades.

But nowadays, people crave deeper themes presented with simplicity. This style of design is called Minimalism. Minimalism enhances and makes your designs clean and presentable to the modern world and compatible with its interests.

Shorter attention spans crave for meaning rather than pretentiousness. Let us see how you can use minimalism…

Zeba Dalal

Helloo! I’m Zeba, an experienced UX / UI Designer with a background in 3D Animation & Visual Effects based in Toronto. Get to know me at — https://zebadalal.com

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